Spirit filled Auditorium at the second edition of Waves of Impact(WOI) 2020


The Evangelical Presbyterian Student Union(EPSU) Kasoa deemed it necessary to bring youths especially students as part of preparing kingdom minded Christian Youth organised the second edition of Waves of Impact(WOI) 2020 to empower Christian youth with the theme ” Impacted to Influence” which is a build up on the previous theme ” Impacted to reign” in 2019.

The spirit filled the auditorium of E.P.C.G Morkporkpor Congregation on Saturday 11th January at 4:00 pm was filled to capacity by youths, Presbyters and Invited Ministers of the gospel. The Catechist warmly welcomed all and sundry to the program and encourage each one to be ready to learn and make a positive impact.

After the welcome address, the host choir lilt the congregation with adoration and praises tunes setting the atmosphere ready for the Ministers. As everyone resumed their seats after the charged atmosphere the first Minister in the person of Rev. S.D.A Amegbe who is the second Minister of Kasoa District was called upon to speak on the theme, He gave congregants insight to the scriptures. He based his message on Matthew 5:13-16.

The Rev. gave a quick note before he started his message ” It is abnormal for Christian to be normal because they are supposed to be game changers and environment influencers”. He focused on two elements in the text thus; Salt and Light. He explained influence to be the capacity to change the behaviour of how something works or acts. He elaborated two main points namely;
Influence is about timing and discerning and Influence is about presence.

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The auditorium became dead after he vividly explained these points raised. He entreated Christians to bring flavour and seasoning to the world and also said emphatically that”For a Christian youth to influence, they must be aware of the quantity and dosage needed because too much salt doesn’t add flavour to a soup but rather makes it salty.
Furthermore, he advised youths to care about how they appear physically because the way one looks is half the way people think about him or her. He concluded by admonishing Christian youth to stay connected to the source of influence that is Christ and the Holy spirit…

As the congregants sat with excitement from the first minister revealed mysteries from the scriptures.

The second speaker Minister David Osae Oppong was called to set the lighted candle on the lampstand. The man of God began his delivery from the book of Genesis 1:26,27 and 2:7. He began by drawing the congregant’s mind to the creation story. He said, God created man and the Greek word was ‘Bara’ meaning ‘to create’ as stated in Verse 26 and 27 of Genesis 1. But in chapter 2:7, God formed man. This meant that God created man but man wasn’t visible, a man was created without a pre-existing material.

Therefore God picks humus from the earth and formed man and breathes “man” into the container(Humus). He opened the eyes of congregants to the three spheres of influence thus; Land, Sea, and Air.
He explained that Christian youth are to exert influence in ship and cargo, oil and gas industries, agriculture, space exploration, etc. He entreated Christians to carry their God to the workplace. More so, He informed all present that the world is in the last dispensation(Air) because everything done now is mostly through the air.

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Humans now use airtime for calls, airwaves which enable communication.
He finally challenged Christian youth not to only fall under the anointing, sing, and dance at church but as they have come to be serviced, they should go out and dominate all the spheres with the strategy of putting on wolf skin to turn wolves into sheep for Christ. He ended with a healing session.
The closing prayer was then said by Student Pastor Courage Paemuka and the host choir ended the program with ‘Agbebolo’ by Celestine Donkor ft Gideon. Some congregants stayed glued to their seats not still recovered from the Power released throughout the program. Waves of impact 20 ‘Impacted to influence’


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