[ VERSE 1 ]

    In a world of trouble, famine and no peace
    Where there are killings, fighting, bloodshed and no love
    Where every man is looking for something to hold on
    Men failing men
    Fathers, mothers doing same

    [ CHORUS ]

    I am different
    I am strong
    I am made in the image of God
    I’m not moved by what I see
    I’m only moved by the Word of God
    I’ll take this Gospel to my world
    Every nation, every tribe
    Reaching out to the ends of the earth
    Building men and changing lives

    Oh oh….

    [ VERSE 2 ]

    No need to worry if you’re living in this world
    Cos Jesus Christ, the Son of God had paid the price
    He is he only way, the truth and the life
    Tell every man, tell every woman, boy and girl

    We are different
    we are strong
    we are made in the image of God

    We take over the world we’re changing lives everywhere