E. P. Church reaches out to congregation through technology


Dela Cathedral, Ho, headquarters of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, on Friday led its members to observe the Passion of Christ and the partaking of the Last Supper via technology.

Various parishes led their congregations via Aseye TV through Facebook to hold church services and partake in the holy communion of the breaking of bread and the drinking of wine. The bread and wine signify the body and blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for the redemption of sin on Good Friday.

Members of the congregations were expected to break their own bread and drink their own wine from their own homes during the lockdown in Accra and Kumasi, the two main cities where the outbreak of COVID-19 was more pronounced, as they were led by their reverend ministers, via the Aseye TV.

However the Makafui Congregation of Agortome in Ho, a faith-based institution adopted another innovative measure to reach out to their congregations also through the use of another technology.

Reverend Dickson Asante, Parish Pastor of the Makafui Church and his team on Good Friday chose the Ho Leprosarium Community Public address system to preach the message to the catchment area of about 2,500 people in compliance with the social distancing protocols, one of the measures to contain the pandemic.

Rev. Asante said the Coronavirus pandemic battle would come to an end and mankind would triumph again.

But Christians, he said, needed to draw more nearer to Jesus Christ and abide by principles ascribed in the commandments for expedited manifestation.
He said by Christ saying: “It is Finished”, when on the Cross; it denotes full payment of debts as a people, He never owed.

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Rev. Asante said a cry out to Jesus Christ in the era of a global pandemic was necessary to invoke His mercy and heal the land.

He said Christians must identify themselves with Christ on the Cross as a sign of “Dying with the Lord” through suffering under excruciating pain, cruel death, torture, and crucifixion.

Rev. Asante said Christ came to protect mankind but he was betrayed and killed. But his death was for the redemption of mankind.

He therefore exhorted Christians to change from their wicked ways, by the changing of hearts, and invoke spiritual intervention in eliminating the pandemic.


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